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CLHA-25 Type Grease Tube



CLHA-25 type works with disposable grease tube (400 cc) that is more convenient for cleaning and

easy operating. The disposable grease tube is not included .


Chen Ying manual grease type lubricator can easily be operated by pushing the handle down for

grease feeding repeatedly.


Manual grease type lubricator is small and easy for installation.


The standard grease tube thread of CLHA-25 is M15 x P2.5 with reservoir cover and thread M15 x

P2.0 is also availableon request.


CLHP-40 and CLHP-50 have a hard spring inside that is suitable for NLGI grades 000 to 2.


Recommend using a grease gun for filling with lubricant from grease inlet. It can avoid air or impurities

dropping into the reservoir.


Application of Machines Equipment:

1. It is suitable for the machinery that does not need to feed grease frequently.

2. It is usually installed in presses, woodworking machines, or special purpose treatment machines.


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