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CESW Type Resistance Electric Lubricator



The operation time and interval time can be adjusted easily as need.


CESW type resistance lubricator has time memory function that can automatically memorize the

original operation and interval time settings. If the power is suddenly off, it will continue the cycle

after the power is back.


Two operation models of CESW are for option: Turn On-Feeding or Turn On-Interval. Turn

On-Feeding type will feed oil after turning on the power. Turn On-Interval type will be interval after

turning on the power.


It has a float switch that can detect the oil volume. When the oil is lower than minimum level, the

float switch will send continuous signal and the buzzer will alarm.


Application of Machines Equipment:


CESW Turn On-Feeding Type is suitable for the machinery that needs automatically oil feeding after

turning on the power.


CESW Turn On-Interval Type is suitable for the machinery that has to avoid feeding oil immediately

after turning on the power.


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