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CEB Type Grease Volume Distributor



CEB Type Volume Distributor designs as a singular outlet with fixed discharge volume that each

lubricating point has equal amount of lubricant. There are different types of discharge volume options

such as 0.03, 0.06, 0.10, 0.16, 0.20cc/stroke upon request. CEB also can work with C Type

Distributor to increase the outlet number.


For the first time use, the grease will be accumulated inside of CEB volume distributor while the

lubricator operates.Then the CEB volume distributor starts to discharge grease simultaneous during

the operation time.


CEB Type Volume Distributor has to work with KGB pressure-relief type grease lubricators for better

result. The minimum operation pressure is 30kgf/cm², and the max pressure is 120kgf/cm².


The suitable viscosity range of grease is NLGI 000, 00 and 0.


Recommend using a 8 mm pipe as the main pipe for better lubricant flow amount.


Please provide the Order Code of discharge volume for each outlet and the number of outlet while



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